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Keep an extra one or two in stock so when you run out, you won't have to rush out and buy one.

Individually sealed

Ensures print is crisp and clear for easy reading

Ideal for use in businesses or retail environments

Model Number IR93
Colour Purple
Compatible With

Casio 2300, 2350, 2400, 7215, CE2300, CE2400, CE7215, CE-2300, CE-2400, CE-7215

Adler CMS-8200, CMS-9200, CMS8200, CMS9200.

Epson CR-510, CR-700, CR-750, CR-760, CR510, CR700, CR750, CR760.

Fujitsu G810, G820, G-810, G-820.

Olympia CM-1712, CM-1736, CM1712, CM1736.

Omron S-2410.

Konic SR-3020,SR3020.

Nikko NK-300, NK300.

Noris N-432, N-1000, N432, N1000.

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