Foot Pedal operated Impulse Sealer 600mm 24


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  • Brand: Seale
  • Product Code: Impulse-Standing-600

All of our impulse sealers are easy to operate and can quickly seal a range of poly materials including but not limited to:  Polyethylene, Saran, Nylon, Polyvinylchloride, Polypropylene, Pliofilm, Kel-F, Mylar, Polyflex, Polyurethane, and Polyvinyl alcohol with no warm up time needed.

Each sealer has an element that heats up only when the sealing bar is held down. The sealing wire then heats up the plastic film and compounds it together to create the seal. We advise you to adjust the timing gauge to the lowest setting needed for the seal to allow the element and the tape to last longer.

Sealing Instructions

To create the perfect seal place the bag onto the heating element, set the timer to the minimum amount needed to complete the seal with the dial then push and hold down the pedal until the sealer switches itself off and continue to hold the pedal down for an additional 2-4 seconds to complete the seal.

Technincal specifications

Power: 750W

Sealing length: 600mm

Sealing width: 2-3mm

Sealing time: 0.2-3s

Approximate size: 80cm high with a 70x30cm work surface




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