Fragile Packaging Tape 48mm x 66m


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Keep Breakable Items Safe by Using Fragile Packing Tape


When shipping or storing fragile items, this fragile packaging tape is an ideal choice for added peace of mind. Printed with the word 'FRAGILE' in big, bold red letters, this parcel tape alerts handlers to the fact that breakable items are inside. By using fragile tape this can alert other people that is important to handle with care.

Strong Packaging Tape


When shipping parcels or packing, lifting and moving boxes, you need tape that is strong and reliable. At 45 microns, this heavy-duty, high tensile tape is thicker and stronger than your average packing tape and can withstand more pressure and wear and tear. You can use this multipurpose packaging tape for bigger jobs like shipping heavy boxes or packing up for a move, or for protecting important parcels sent by mail.


Sticky Adhesive for a Superior Hold and Seal


Designed for longevity, this box tape is resistant to UV and moisture and withstands extreme temperatures without peeling or cracking for a strong and secure hold you can count on.


Acrylic-based Packing Tape That Won't Discolour


Made with an acrylic base, this fragile packaging tape won't discolour over time. Leave your sealed boxes in long-term storage with confidence the tape will retain its quality and strength.


Our fragile packing tape is stronger, stickier and more reliable than other packing tapes on the market.


Each roll measures 48 mm x 66 m

Application temperature range: -23° C to 93° C




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